Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cardboard Truck: Decorating

I opted to spray paint the truck white, except for the poles which I painted black, because I was running out of white. I didn't stress of perfection on this. Little Man isn't interested in perfection and I have no plans of turning him into a perfectionist! I drew details on the outside of the vehicle using a Sharpie and crayons. Rather than trying to make perfect circles and straight lines I took a very artsy, sketchy approach. If you want a more geometric look, just use a ruler and trace bowls for circles. 

 The inside with the original steering wheel.

 I considered cutting the back of the truck so that it would open, but decided it would weaken the box too much, and it's easy enough to put things in and take them back out as it is. The license plate is designed after a Tanzanian tag, since that is what Little Man sees all the time.

 I decorated the cardboard behind the seat cushion to look like a seat back.

These pictures were all taken before the adaptions were made to the steering wheel, so the front looks a bit different now as I showed in the last post.

This truck was a lot of fun to make and Little Man is having a lot of fun playing in it. I hope this gave you some inspiration for your own cardboard vehicle!


  1. You are so creative! I bet he loves this! He is lucky to have such a fun mom.