Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Felt Bows

I decided to whip up some felt bows for the Craft Fair this year. They didn't sell particularly well, but I thought I'd share them anyway. The inspiration came from Twig and Thistle via Pinterest. The actual tutorial that both she and I used is for making bows from old magazines and can be found at How about Orange. It's super easy and I love the look of the felt, but I'm thinking I may use this in Tanzania to create paper bows for birthdays and what not. They don't exactly carry gift bows at the Nyehunge Super Min Mart. Yeah, that's really the name, but we still call it by the old name, Camp City, which makes so much more sense, right? I run-on and digress.

You'll notice that I made a few different variations: felt with ribbon, just ribbon, felt with embroidery, and folding a little differently. I stitched all of mine with sewing thread and turned them into pins, headbands, hair clips, and regular package bows. Here are some pics of what I made. Any friends who have a little girl and want a free headband or hair clip, let me know.

Package Bows-


 Hair Clips-


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