Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cardboard Truck: Intro

Back in July we went on vacation to Dar and on return trip got stranded in Dodoma with car trouble. It was actually a fabulous place to be stranded, because we have some friends there who graciously housed us and helped us get the truck fixed. Little Man had a blast hanging out with following around their oldest daughter! He also enjoyed seeing some different toys, among them this Little Tikes car.

Seriously, he would sit in this thing for long periods of time. He couldn't even make it roll on his own, but he loved it. Ever since I've had it in my mind to make him a cardboard truck. Months ago I cleaned out the box and even started on some of the details (steering wheel, seat cushion), but then it got put on hold while we enjoyed visits from family. Last week I finally pulled it out again and I'm making some real progress. I'm planning on doing several posts about it, because it would be way too much for just one post. If you're thinking that a little person in your life could really use a cardboard vehicle, stay tuned! 
First up, the seat cushion.

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