Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Crayon Roll

Last week I got it into my head to make a crayon roll. I used some Tanzanian Kitangi for the outside and pockets and canvas for the lining. I decided to size it for the large size crayons since Little Man is still quite little. Here are the materials all lined up, and Little Man anxious to use the scissors!

One night we were watching TV, but I really wanted to do something creative at the same time so I decided to try a little embroidery. I loved it! It's like doodling on fabric and I love to doodle! Here is the outside piece for the crayon roll after being embroidered.

The construction was pretty simple. For the pocket, I pressed the top edge under a couple of times and sewed in place. Then, I pressed the edges of the lining and pocket piece under about a half inch. I sewed the pocket to the lining along the side and bottom edges. Then I stitched lines in to create the pockets. 

Here's what it looked like from the back at that point.

Next, I pressed the edges of the outer piece under about a half inch making it the same size as the lining piece. I sewed the lining and outer pieces together on all four sides. While doing this I inserted a piece of elastic grosgrain ribbon in one side.

Here's the finished product with crayons in place.

 I decided to make it pretty small, only holding 4 crayons, because at 17mos Little Man is much concerned with a variety of colors. Also I wanted it to be easy to use in small spaces like on an airplane, since many, many airplane rides lay in our future. Also, when we are ready to change over to the small crayons we can just stick two per slot.
Here is the whole thing rolled up.

 And here is the real test: Little Man trying it out.

He seemed to like it. I've been keeping it where he can reach it and several times he's brought it to me to open up for him. 

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