Saturday, August 13, 2011

Growth Chart

I did most of the work for this project a while back, but just got it hanging in Little Man's room last week. 

 I love the idea of marking kids' heights on a door frame, but we aren't living in the house we plan to always live in so I made this growth chart that we can take with us when we leave. The cream colored fabric is a repurposed curtain from the used clothing market in Geita. The rest of the fabric I bought at a fabric store here, except the little blue bird which was a scrap in my collection. All the pieces are backed with interfacing except the tree trunk. I didn't have a big enough piece for it and I kinda like a little bit of frayed edges here and there. Here's a close-up of the bird.

 And a close up of one of the numbers.

 And here's Little Man standing in front of it.

I didn't get a shot of it after I marked his height, but I'm just using some basic fabric markers.

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  1. I LOVE it. And he is so cute standing in front of it, of course :)