Saturday, August 13, 2011

It Begins

“Can you believe how young she is? And she’s already married? And she knits and paints most of her things. And she collects bottles.” *
A little girl I used to baby-sit once described me this way when introducing me to one of her friends. I don’t know if I appreciate being called young at the time, but at 28 I certainly wouldn’t mind. I don’t actually knit and never have, but I think she got the sentiment right. I like to make stuff.
I recall once in high school seeing a candle holder at someone’s house and doing my best to duplicate it, including using gravel dust to make my own grout. I could have bought one, but it’s so much more fun to see if you can recreate something, and even improve on it.
Sometimes I create for the process, sometimes for the product, sometimes because my husband is short and needs his pants hemmed**. As the mother of a young one I think I’d be tempted to give up the crafting and sewing and creating, but instead Little Man is a source of inspiration. The only toys we can find here are cheap (probably lead painted) junk from China so when I wish I could get something for him I try to make it. If I buy clothes for him they come from the used clothing market (ever wonder what Goodwill does with the stuff that doesn’t sell?). You can’t always find exactly what you’re looking for, so I make it.
I’m also inspired by fabrics I come across, Anna Maria Horner’s blog, the need for curtains and such in my home, and occasionally the desire for a new dress.
* I gave up the bottle collection when I moved to Africa
** My husband would like to clarify that he is not short, rather pants are made for freakishly tall people
*** There wasn’t a third footnote, but you should know that I’m horrible with commas, as, in, I use them, a lot. Recently there was some buzz about a certain sort of comma being ruled invalid. I don’t know what sort they meant, but I’m certain not to give it up and to throw in extras just for spite.

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